Cleaning work after the use of a centrifugal spray drying tower

- Jun 21, 2018 -

When the centrifugal spray drying equipment is used, the device should be closed first before the pump can be closed. If the temperature drops below 100 C, the fan can be stopped. After that, the drying tower and the dust collector are cleaned and closed, and then the whole power supply of the spray dryer is closed. Here, KODI should remind you that the order of closure should not be reversed, or there will be unnecessary failures.

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Although the spray tray inside the spray drier is important, other related equipment is also important. Therefore, when we dismantle it, we must finish it in sequence, then clean it with clean water. If there is no cleaning, then use the way of scrubbing to ensure that it is clean. After that is the air filter, cleaning is also essential.

However, it should be noted that when the spray drying machine is cleaned, chlorine or other compounds can not be used to prevent serious corrosion and other damage to the dryer.

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