Dryer selection

- Nov 28, 2015 -

① material original shape granules, powders, particles, sludges, crystals, liquid, paste, suspensions, solutions, continuous thin, thick, irregular items (small or large), such as thick or lumpy.
② average yield continuous feeding or finished feeding, intermittent operation or production and its adjustment range.
③ product particles mean particle size, particle size distribution, bulk density, particle density, such as rehydration.
④ item water inlet and outlet with dry, wet basis.
⑤ items nature chemistry, bio-chemistry, microbial activity, heat-sensitive (melting point, glass transition temperature), the moisture absorption isotherms (equilibrium moisture).
⑥ drying time drying curves, effects of operating parameters.
⑦ heaters contact (direct and indirect).
⑧ fuel steam, coal, electricity, oil, gas.
⑨ drying fan of auxiliary equipment, dry precipitators, wet dust collector, feeder, feeder, product cooling and conveying equipment and so on.
⑩ special requirement constitutes a material, corrosive, toxic, non-aqueous, flammable and explosive limit, fire point, flavor, color, structure requirements.

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