Hot air drye

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Hot air dryer with heat pump principle and sensible heat transfer technology of high temperature hot air equipment, widely used in the printing industry, compared with the traditional electric heating, energy saving up to 60%-90
Non-magnetic Nickel-chromium wire by ohmic heating air to hot air sources, clean and environmentally friendly. Clever wind tunnel design, from spiral heating element inside/outside air evenly through, heat exchanger 100%, pressure loss, volume is small.
Temperature is controlled by PID/SSR, high precision, fast feedback, durable. There are multiple thermal overload protection device (type b), fully guarantee the safety equipment. Outlet set the k-type thermocouple, direct detection, temperature of air out.
Multi-Fiber insulation cotton insulation, solid epoxy coating machine, safe and reliable, can be kept hot for a long time.
Continuous use temperature up to 350 ° c, wide range of applications.
Standard cycle hot air machine patented cooling system, air temperature up to 230 ℃ (custom-made high temperature), air volume regulation using frequency conversion speed, more energy-efficient, controllable high heat loss and less outstanding characteristics. Another remote switch (6m) and the motor protector (budget) available for selection.
Standard main electrical control of domestic and foreign brands (such as converter, PID temperature controller, SSR, circuit breaker, relay, switch, etc). PID temperature control accuracy of ± 1%, and is equipped with a remote switch terminal; cheap domestic brands of main electrical control (such as a PID temperature controller, SSR, circuit breaker, relay, switch, etc), not converter. PID temperature control accuracy of ± 1%;

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