No heat regenerated adsorption dryers

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer is an advanced, PSA, aluminium oxide or the molecule is sifted through filled with high water absorption and drying the compressed air device. Usually compressed air drying to a dew point of-40 to-70 degrees Celsius.

Heatless regenerative dryers are designed based on PSA, that is to say, will pressure adsorption of water saturated absorbent quickly under pressure to atmospheric pressure, at this point, the adsorbed moisture desorption on their own, achieve the regeneration of adsorbents, desorption of water diffusion out of the machine.
Based on the above principles to the regeneration method known as the pressure drop method, due to the use of adsorbent in adsorption heat produced in the process, and with a fraction of dry air into the required regeneration of adsorbents, make adsorbent regeneration, so pressure drop method, also known as regenerative.
Heatless regenerative dryer is the use of the twin towers by pressure swing adsorption, regenerative process, how it works is an absorption tower in adsorption drying under working pressure, while another part using their own dry gas and pressure of adsorption Tower close to atmospheric pressure, as the recycled gases to be recycled, with fixed switches the switching time of the twin towers, and thus provide a continuous dry gas.

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