Spin flash dryer

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Spin Flash drying with GE is abroad in the 1980 of the 20th century of a new drying technology and Fluidization technology of new drying equipment, it overcomes the spray drying equipment is high, energy consumption and the disadvantage of uneven fluidized bed drying, both of their talents and become efficient, energy saving, fast and ideal drying equipment. It special for Yu high viscosity cream-like real, and filter cake, material of directly dry, and can once get particles micro-of powder body, make up has rake type dry efficiency low, and production small of insufficient, change has spray dry first diluted again for spray processing of complex process; due to hot air and material contact time short, can on touch degeneration, and hot sensitive sex material and the biological bacteria body for dry, and has prevent coking color of role. In recent years, spin Flash drying is widely used in light industry, petroleum, chemical, food, mining, paints, dyes and intermediates, such as chemical industry, high viscosity, high viscosity, thermal paste dry.

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