Adsorption Dryer Selection

- Nov 28, 2015 -

1.1 application of adsorption dryer
According to GB/of the compressed air quality grade General (equivalent ISO8573-part II), compressed air moisture level is divided into 6 levels, including 1~3 pressure dew point-20 ℃, adsorption dryer must be used to reach. Typical areas of application are: photographic film, micro-electronic chips (level 1-70), precision spray (level 2,-40 ¡æ), powdery product delivery (level 3-20). In some cases though is not very strict with the dew point of the compressed air, but pipelines through below 0 ℃ environment and external ceased to insulation materials, in order to prevent the transportation of residual moisture in the compressed air in the pipe freezing, pressure dew point must be lower than the environment can reach the lowest temperature, this should also apply to compressed air adsorption dryers to be apart from water.
Adsorption dryer the air dew point can cover the results of freeze-dryer, so in principle everything using freeze-dryer dryers can be used as replacement, but the reverse does not work. Due to the freeze dryer energy consumption much lower than the adsorption dryer, so using adsorption dryer replace freeze-dryer must be economically viable.
1.2 mode select
Finished gas dew point and the renewable energy selective absorption-type drying machine two factors that must be considered. In General, cannot be taken into account, that is, to obtain low dew point of the compressed air, it will have to pay higher energy costs.
Theory of adsorption, adsorption dryer no heat only the basic forms renewable and recycled in two ways. No hot regeneration dry device due to to transformer adsorption for based, used has short cycle cycle work business, by it processing of compression air dew point regardless of in depth or stability aspects are than has hot regeneration dry device good, and regeneration energy has is close theory bottom line, so since no hot regeneration adsorption type dry machine appeared Hou, oil hot regeneration dry device on has exit application field of trend.
Shang century 90 generation medium-term appeared in China of "micro-hot" regeneration dry device is compared "alternative" of, its original apparently is to further reduced regeneration energy; but this a created in many basic problem Shang currently also stay in generalities in the, for example about micro-hot dry device consumption gas visible of "sample data" on has 3%~11%, variety version, needed in theory for informative argument, to elimination may appeared of technology misleading. User selection is not necessary to take these tempting "sample data", in fact any type of regeneration of the adsorption dryer consumes more energy (either gas or heat consumption, eventually in the form of electricity expenses) and, if necessary, the selection of equipment for "energy balance" is still a cautious approach.

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