Adsorption Dryers

- Nov 28, 2015 -

In application many similar Yu precision electronic industry or high precision instrument of using Shang, because process requirements needed will compression air in the of pressure dew point down to 0 ℃ following Shi, for frozen type dry machine of pressure dew point below 0 ℃ Shi will appeared pipeline freezes of phenomenon, at used frozen type dry has cannot meet process of requirements, our in introduced advanced of frozen type dry machine manufacturing technology while, also introduced free hot type adsorption type dry machine of manufacturing technology, its minimum dew point temperature can up-70 ℃ While using high quality materials such as stainless steel pneumatic valve, stainless steel valve manufacture, avoiding pipeline pollution and improve air quality. While introducing and absorbing domestic experience, to reduce consumption of gas no heat dryer problems arising from micro-heat dryer and combination dryer to reduce the consumption of compressed air, minimum gas consumption up to 5%, to meet the needs of different users.

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