American Customer Purchased 2units Pneumatic Centrifugal Atomizer

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Two weeks ago, our American client purchased two units XH-5 model pneumatic type centrifugal atomizers from KODI machinery, and we shipped them out today.


Product introduction

XH-5 model pneumatic atomizer is a high speed centrifugal atomizer powered by compressed air. The maximum speed of atomizer is up to 30000 rpm, the diameter of atomizing disk is 50mm, and the handling capacity is 5KG per hour. It is mainly used for the extraction of laboratory and precious materials. Compressed air pressure should be less than 0.5 MPA in normal use.


Performance characteristics

The centrifugal atomizer is small in size and compact in structure. It is powered by compressed air and is easy to use. The atomizer has reasonable design, high machining precision, high speed and stable operation.


Technical specification

Maximum feed capacity: 5 KG / h

Maximum speed: 30000 rpm

Atomizing disk diameter: 50 mm


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