Application Of Spray Dryer In Ceramic Industry

- May 05, 2018 -

Since the spray drying equipment has been developed, spray dryer has gone through several decades of development. Gradually developed into two main types of pressure spray dryer and centrifugal spray dryer.

The two models have their own advantages and disadvantages. Under normal circumstances, we choose according to the different characteristics of different materials.

Taking ceramic powder as an example, the conventional ceramic granulating powder used pressure spray drying, because the body height of the pressure spray dryer is larger (usually can reach more than ten to tens of meters high), the energy consumption is big, and the cleaning is difficult.

The centrifugal spray dryer does not have these short comings. The total height of the centrifugal spray dryer is not more than 5 meters, which greatly reduces the investment of the factory. The advanced hot air system completely eliminates the existence of the oxide skin, thus reducing the pollution of the ceramic powder. In the drying of the ceramic powder, all the properties of the centrifugal spray dryer are all More than pressure spray dryer.spray dryer.gif

Therefore, at present, for the drying of ceramic powders, we first recommend customers to use centrifugal spray dryer.

No matter the pressure spray or the centrifugal spray, the principle of its drying is the same, but it is only the different forms of the atomization of the liquid. Below we simply introduce the spray drier:

Spray dryer is suitable for the spray cooling of plastic additives, food additives, chemical additives, stearic acid, monoglyceride, paraffin, and other solids, such as fat powder, palm oil, polyethylene grease, amino fatty acid, paraffin, glyceric acid fat, butter and so on, food additives, plastic additives and other melting chemical materials. The standard has reached the international advanced level, which can meet the requirements of customers for product granularity.

Technical features of spray dryer

1. The specially designed eddy current air distributor has strengthened the heat exchange between the cold air and the hot-melt droplets according to the basic principles of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. At the same time, the system inlet air adopts the reverse flow mode to ensure that the hot-melt droplets are cooled fully and effectively by the cold air, and the cooling granulation process is completed.

2. The spray dryer's pilling tower adopts a jacket air cooling device to ensure that the inner wall of the prilling tower does not occur "hot melt wall hanging" phenomenon. The "low cap" air exhausting device ensures that more than 90% of the finished products are collected at the bottom of the pelleting tower, only a small amount of micro powder enters the cyclone separator, which reduces the air solid separation pressure of the cyclone separator.

3. The air entering the spray dryer's pilling tower system is filtered by primary, middle and sub high efficiency, and the purification level reaches three hundred thousand or more.

4. The material of the inner wall of the pelleting tower, the powder pipe and the cyclone separator is made of SUS304/BA mirror stainless steel plate. The weld is all used for argon protection and welding, the weld is polished and the polishing precision reaches 0.3 mu, and the phenomenon of "powder product" is effectively prevented. The powder outlet pipeline and cyclone separator are equipped with quick opening type washing ports, which are easy to disassemble, clean, sterilize and sterilize.

5, The product recovery system is equipped with a special two fluidized bed cooling drying device, which can be recooled and redried for the fine powder to complete the spray granulation. The finished product has good fluidity and low temperature. It can be packed directly.

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