Attention Points For Multiplayer Belt Dryer Discharge

- Apr 17, 2018 -

When the multi-layer belt drier is working, the material will move along with the conveyor belt, the relative position between the particles is fixed, and the same time is suitable for the process of color change or water content uniformity, but it is very suitable to be careful when the material is outlet. In this way, the work will be carried out smoothly.

The attention point of the multi-layer belt dryer when the material is as below:

1. When discharging the product of a multi-layer drier, we should pay attention to blocking the discharge port. The dry material contains a lot of water. It is easy to bond together. If the material is bonded together in the material, it will cause the material to block the bin. This will lead to the dry material not down, can not enter the dryer, and can not do dry operation. In addition, in addition to the usual time to pay attention, the operation of the engineer needs to adjust the conveyor dryer, at the opening of the dishcharge port is equipped with a mixing device, can effectively avoid material bonding together blocking the port. 

2, Should pay attention to the requirements of the material quantity, the quantity requirement is mainly based on the dry material drier output, if the output is not enough, too much feed is not conducive to the dryer's work.

3, When the moisture is controlled, the humidity of the dried material is different, some are high and some are low. The humidity of the dried material should be checked when the dry material is dried, and the corresponding release standard is used according to the material of different humidity.

In order to ensure normal work, it is necessary to check the spare parts and fastening parts of the multi-layer belt dryer, have abnormal sound, find out the fault in time, check the transmission mechanism of the triangle belt, chain and so on, whether the deformation relaxation and wear, adjust the chain looseness in time, check the electrical safety to start, Whether the stop device is sensitive, accurate and reliable.

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