Brazil Customer LPG-5 Spray Dryer Was Finished Production

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Last month, our Brazil customer purchased our LPG-5 model spray dryer for lab use. Now we have finished the lab spray dryer production and also do the working test successfully.

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 1.JPG

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 2.JPG

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 3.JPG

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 4.JPG

The small spray dryer drying equipment is designed and manufactured by absorbing international advanced technology, whose design is compact and can be moved. The major components and electrical parts are imported from famous brands. It can be used without any auxiliary equipment, and the machine is a whole, portable, self-contained one.  Moreover, it also adopts PLC controller and touch-screen display. It is mainly for processing the fluid of high liquidity.

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 5.JPG

LPG-5 spray dryer photo 6.JPG

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