Catalyst Conveyor Belt Dryer

- Dec 06, 2018 -

Catalyst drying device mainly solves the problems of poor drying effect, low mechanical strength and easy cracking in the process of manufacturing.

This kind of conveyor belt dryer includes drying box, conveying belt mesh and transmission mechanism, dehumidification fans, which are placed outside of the drying box, and a control system. The drying box is divided into at least two separate units. And the conveyor dryer belt runs through at least two independent units of the drying box body. Each independent unit includes a circulating fan, a heater, a humidifier and a temperature and humidity detector. The circulating fan is placed at the top or bottom of the independent unit, the heater is placed above the conveyor belt, and the humidifier and a temperature and humidity detector are placed at the top of the independent unit. Each unit is connected to the dehumidification fan through a dehumidification duct. Such a belt dryer can solve the above problems in a good way.


The materials to be processed shall be distributed on the conveyor belt through an appropriate feeding mechanism (such as star feeder, swing belt, crusher or granulator), and the conveyor belt shall pass through a path composed of one or several heating units. Each heating unit is equipped with air heating and circulation system. And each path has one or several dehumidification systems. When the conveyor belt mesh passes, hot air passes through the materials on the conveyor belt mesh from the top to the bottom so that materials can be uniformly dried.


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