Chicken Essence Production Line

- Mar 01, 2018 -

KODI Machinery with a rich amount of experience as the basis of chicken essence production line, rather than improvement and innovation. We now designed a new generation of dedicated chicken production lines to meet the users requirements of producing high-quality chicken that meets the standards to become one of the most famous producers of chicken essence in the world, and has dozens of projects for the user.

As a second-generation composite chicken essence, it's delicious, easy. nutritious, and charming so it will become a household favorite: the chicken has very broad market prospects. However, today's market is extremely competitive, and how to produce high-quality chicken products has become a priority for the manufacturers, who actively actively move in that direction.

We may. in accordance with the requirements of the user, design a single production line, which currently has a capacities of 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1500kg/h and so on. Chicken production includes grinding, mixing, granulating, drying, screening, flavoring and other steps.We produce the seasonings (chicken essence, mushroom essence. seafood essence). The production line design is compact and beautifully crafted. The degree of streamlined operation is high, with stable product quality, and ease of cleaning and maintenance characteristics. All equipment, where contact with product are made of high quality stainless steel and finely polished parts to resist salt corrosion, and make cleaning more convenient, in line with the requirements of QS and GMP standards.

1.Essence (Chicken. mushroom, fine seafood) utilizes a production line with integrated grinding. mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, sub-screen. In the form of flavored sections, both features are distinct, but can be used in combination when co-ordinate for the operation. and can achieve streamlined process. 

2 The core part of the production line is the drying system. Segmented heat is designed, pre-drying section with high pressure and low air volume fan, so more moisture chicken is completely fluidized ,into particles. drying section using low-pressure high wind turbines, which extracts more moisture per unit of time. drying uniformly; cooling section uses high volume fan, which can rapidly remove heat and reduce the temperature of product both to achieve moisture control requirements, and also to facilitate the subsequent packaging process. 

3 Drying medium circulatory system includes: blower, heater, and air pipes made of stainless steel, thus avoiding contamination from unclean air.

4.The main machine is made by quick-open type, not traditional structure of bolted connections, which greatly facilitates the system to be thoroughly cleaned.

5.Mesh belt uses combined structure, former section uses of the semi-round shaped hole. so that the material can move forward without leaking phenomenon. straight holes in the back-end, higher heat transmittance the heat exchanging is more fully.

6.The lower part of dryer is supported with stainless steel seamless pipe, bed structure is more strong, long service life.

7.The inside of machine is fully welded with stainless steel, avoids unclear sewage moving into the insulation layer. thus improving product quality, and also there is a cleani, hole for cleaning the equipment

8.The system is also equipped with a grinder, high speed mixer. material conveying unit, flavoring unit and so on.


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