Cleaning Work After Using Centrifugal Spray Drying Tower

- Aug 15, 2018 -

After using the centrifugal spray drying equipment, we should close the heating device at first and then close the feeding pump. The fan can’t stop working until the temperature of inlet air drops below 100 ℃.Next, we can clean and close the spray drying tower and dust bag filter. Finally, we turn off the main power. I need to remind you here that the whole order of closure can not be reversed, otherwise there will be unnecessary failures.

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Although the spray atomizer disc inside the drying equipment is important, other related devices are also significant. Therefore, when we disassemble it, we must finish it in order. Then clean it with water. If it can’t be cleaned by water, clean it by brushing. Cleaning air filter is also necessary. But it should be noted that chlorine or other compounds should not be used when we clean the dryer in order to prevent serious corrosion and other damage to the spray dryer.

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