Convective Heat Transfer Drying Equipment Application Scope

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The most of existing drying equipment with convective heat transfer drying system, such as hot air dryer, hot air is exchanged with dry materials to exchange heat to evaporate water. The common type of convection drier representative equipment is air suspension dryer, such as fluid bed dryer, flash dryer, air flow dryer, spray dryer, air dryer, rotary dryer, air flow stirring dryer, parallel flow dryer, rotary dryer etc.

In actual application, there is a single machine, a combination machine, and a deformed model. The airflow dryer, fluidized bed dryer, the spray dryer, etc. are all use the hot air as the heat carrier, while drying, it also completes the material transfer. The main feature of this kind of dryer is that there is no transmission part.

1.The tray dryer is one of the oldest drying equipment. The material is loaded with drying tray, and the tray is placed on the drying cart by row and row. Steam or electricity are used as heat source. The hot air in the drying oven can circulate and partially discharge, so as to make the drying more uniform.

2. The tunnel drying room will be placed in a special material wheel trolley, can pursue workshop break into and out of the tunnel, in order to increase the yield and improve the thermal efficiency. Other structures are similar to box driers.
3. The mesh belt dryer can dry corn, grain and vegetables. This conveyor dryer is equipped with stainless steel wire mesh for transmission belt material with moving sectional heating.
4. The structure of multi-layer dryer is a vertical turbine cylinder, with several layers of material can be added by the turntable, the top layer to the bottom, fall out. The hot air is introduced from the bottom, and several air blower turbines are arranged in the center of the cylinder to circulate the air. The heater is installed at the corresponding height of the inner wall to supplement the heat of the air, improve the thermal efficiency and the drying rate. But the equipment is not easy to clean, and it is difficult for many varieties to produce and require clean materials.
5. The drum (or rotary kiln) dryer for horizontal cylinder slightly tilted, the material and the hot air convection through the dryer is a kind of earlier models.

6. Air flow dryer system will heat air flow carrying particles, so that heat drying. In order to increase the speed of heat and mass transfer between air and particles, and increase the speed of heat and mass transfer, a variable diameter is added to the straight pipe foundation to make the pulse air drier. The drying efficiency of the pulse drier is higher than that of the original straight pipe drier. This type of dryer is mainly adapted to the bulk and surface moisture material.

7. Spray dryer will feed liquid or suspension into the spraying device, directly into powder and granular products with hot air to liquid drying. The atomizing methods include centrifugal spray, pressure spray and airflow spray. In the design of the drying chamber, the introduction of hot air has a great influence on the drying process.
8. According to conical bottom flash dryer device into the hot air, and stirring, causes the filter cake falling by strong mixing and dispersion. After drying the fine powder with the gas flow into the cyclone or collecting bag filter. The adaptive treatment can be used to disperse filter cake or granular material with a certain viscosity.
9. The comminuted air dryer, smashing principle is similar to that of the bottom line tangent cone inlet, central tube feeding, bottom stirring, continuous scattered cake or slightly sticky particles. The finer particles spin up with the air flow, and the snapdling through the top of the device can discharge the particles corresponding to the gas velocity. Its maximum yield is up to 8t/h, which is said to have been widely used in the drying of particles to a number of cake like materials. The difference from the flash dryer mainly lies in the structure of the bottom and the type of air inlet.

10. We use the airflow in the fluidized bed dryer on critical speed drying material particles with a velocity when the particles form flow like movement, thereby strengthening between heat and mass transfer, commonly used in fine chemical and pharmaceutical products. 
11. The vibration fluid bed dryer, which is a vibration source for the vibration function of the air distribution board or the whole machine, is set up by the fluidized bed dryer. Because of the reduction of operating gas speed, especially for material with uneven distribution of grain size, the drying rate and thermal efficiency are improved, and a large number of applications have been made.
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