Development And Classification

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Modern dryers use intermittent operation of fixed-bed dryer. Middle of the 19th century, tunnel dryer use, marking the dryer from batch to continuous operation direction of development. Rotary drum dryer is better achieved grain stirring, drying capacity and strength can be improved. Some industries are developed to adapt the industry requires continuous operation of dryer, drum dryer for textile, paper industry.
Beginning of the 20th century, dairy production used spray dryer, provides a powerful tool for mass drying of liquid material. 40 's, with the development of fluid, high strength, high productivity boiling bed and air dryers have appeared. Freeze distillation, radiation and electric dryer provides new means to meet specific requirements. 60, began to develop the far-infrared and microwave dryers.
Many types of machinery and equipment for dry operation, according to the operating pressure can be divided into atmospheric and vacuum (vacuum dryer, also known as vacuum dryer). According to the method of operation can be classified as intermittent and continuous. According to the drying medium can be divided into dry air, flue gas and other media. According to the motion (movement of material movement and drying medium) can be divided into stream flow and cross flow.

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