Development Potential

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Dry machine of development also to attention energy-saving and energy utilization, as used various joint heating way, transplant hot pump and pipe technology, development solar dry machine,; also to development dry machine of control technology, and to guarantee optimal operation conditions of achieved; addition, with human on environmental of attention, improved dry machine of environmental protection measures to reduced dust and exhaust of outside relief,, also will is need in-depth research of direction.
China drying equipment market: an analysis of the present situation and the current needs of the Organization, conventional drying equipment in the domestic market, as well as major international markets drying equipment which are made in China, which shows that in China drying equipment import-oriented history is over. But, still exists some problem and difficult, according to China general mechanical dry equipment industry association forecast, future years, China of needs, chemical industry will dry equipment 3000 (sets) around; pharmaceutical dry equipment of years demand will reached 3000 (sets) around; agricultural, forestry, food, light, industry, as dry equipment, years demand is expected to will reached 5000 (sets) around. Drying equipment in the domestic market share of more than 80%.

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