Dry Granulating Machine With Superior Performance

- May 17, 2018 -

Dry granulator is a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly new product developed by our company. It integrates the function of extrusion, crushing and granulating, and directly presses the powdery material into particles. This equipment uses a new roll pressure control technique to adjust the technological parameters of dry granulating, such as processing quantity, flake density, roller pressure, speed, etc., by adjusting the fluctuation of the physical properties between different materials and the different batch of the same material, so as to produce high quality particles efficiently. It also improved the stability, disintegration and dissolution of the granules.

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Dry granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for granulation in wet, hot, easily decomposed and caking materials, and it has less area, simple process and easy disassembly and cleaning. In the pharmaceutical industry, granules made by dry granulator can be directly pressed or filled with capsules.

Technological process:

After mixing the powder material, the powder material is added into the silo by the top feeding port, and the mixed powder material is transported to the extruding device by the conveying mechanism. The material is pressed into the high density sheet through two high pressure extruding wheels, and then the particle of the required size is made through the two stage whole grain system, and the granulation process is completed.


Compared with the traditional wet granulating, dry particle particles make the powder raw materials directly into granular products without any intermediate and additives. The grain size is uniform and the accumulation density increases significantly after granulation, which not only controls the pollution, reduces the area of land, but also reduces the power consumption, the process flow is reasonable, and the material is improved. The material appearance and fluidity are easy to store and transport, and the solubility, porosity and specific surface area of the material can be controlled. It is especially suitable for wet mixed granulating and one step boiling granulation. The specific performance is:

(1) Isolation and installation of granulating devices and power devices in space to avoid cross contamination;

(2) All contact parts with materials are convenient for disassembly and cleaning, effectively preventing dust leakage and reducing pollution possibility.

(3) Unique extravagant system makes the material density uniform.

(4) Unique air cooling system makes the roller temperature automatically adjust.

(5) Two stage screening granulation system ensures the production of qualified particles.

(6) The equipment is visual designed to facilitate observation and maintenance.

(7) Man-machine interface system is adopted, which is beautiful, easy to understand and simple to operate.

(8) Meet the requirements of GMP.

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