DW-3.85x12.04 Seaweed Dryer Shipping To Philippines Sucessfully

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Recently, Philippines seaweed industry giant ---Sh****** purchase one set DW-3.85x12.04 model seaweed dryer from KODI company. After our strict and efficient design and production, the seaweed conveyor dryer has been successfully shipped to Philippines now.


Sh****** company produces all kinds of carrageenan: kappa, iota and lambda. Rendering different applications from dairy, meat, confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, water jellies, desserts, beer, air freshener gels, pet food. Over the four decades, they developed its products with conformance to the Philippine and international standards that ensure safe and high quality and prides itself as the innovative carrageenan specialist. Through continuous technological innovation and process improvement, our company design and production of DW series belt dryer could dry the seaweed high efficiency.

KODI company can provide a whole set of seaweed production line production and has rich experience, including seaweed drying machine, grinding machine, mixing machine and packaging. The cooperation also fully demonstrates that Sh****** company has fully recognized the quality of the seaweed belt dryer and the after-sales service provided by KODI company. 



KODI company also will send two engineers to Sh****** company to help install and testing the seaweed drying machine as soon as possible. Hope everything goes well. KODI will provide the best after-sales service and technical support for each of our customers.



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