Flash Dryer Performance Introduction

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Flash dryer is the most commonly drying unit operation, widely used in the production of raw materials and preparations. From the method of heat transfer, convection, conduction, radiation and so on. The existing drying equipment is the convection heat transfer drying, hot air drying, hot air drying contact, heat transfer and evaporation. Typical parallel flow dryer equipment, ventilation dryer, rotary dryer, dryer, fluidized bed dryer and spray dryer are included in those applications, together with prototype variants and so on. Air drying, fluidized bed drying, spray dryer are hot air as heat source, such as drying, but also complete the processing of materials. The main feature is not driving part of the convection drying process of energy saving dryer, exhaust dust and odor, when large air volume should end well.

Flash dryer by hot air drying into the bottom of the formation of wind driven rotary agitator under the powerful, strong function under high speed rotation of the impeller, the material impact, friction, and dispersed in the shear stress under the effect of material crushing and fast, good contact with hot air, heating, drying, prevent materials sticking to the wall and deterioration of heat sensitive materials, and can be dried into powder product evenly, eliminating the classification and screening process broken.

Flash dryer, strong shear material blowing floating and rotating effect, various charging device selection, continuous and stable feeding, will not produce bridge phenomenon in the process of introducing advanced technology, the concept of reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, large production capacity, good product quality, high efficiency, energy saving, drying equipment crushing and screening performance of disposable, eliminating the environmental pollution, the flash dryer has reached the international advanced level of technology.

The Spin flash dryer is one of the most widely used equipment, and the fastest growing country is also known as the cyclone dryer and the fast rotating dryer. Flash dryer is an organic combination of fluidization, cyclone, fountain, crushing and grading technology, fluidization technology, cyclone technology, spray technology and convection heat transfer technology, and has high technology content. It is suitable for paste, granular, cake shape material and mud drying.

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