Indonesia Customers Visit KODI Factory

- Mar 29, 2018 -

This week, our Indonesia visit KODI factory for our DG dry granulation double roll granulator system. Customers mainly use this machine to complete the granulation of kalium sulfuricum mixed powder and use it in Fertilizer application. Our client take the raw powder to our factory and we do the sample testing with our smallest model roller compactor. And the test is very successfully and our customer very be customized. 

DG series double roller granulator is a new type of granulating machine which developed and manufactured by KODI Company in accordance with the needs of customers and on basis of absorbing word-level advanced powder granulation technology. 

Without any intermediates or additives, this machine can produce uniform and densified particle products directly from raw powdery material. The design of this roller granulator is reasonable, and easy to operate, it’s an idea choice for powder granulation.

Powdery material is fed into the hopper quantificational and uniformly through the feeder to make sure a certain level inside of the hopper. After being pre-compressed by the longitudinal cone spiral in the hopper the material will be sent into arc chutes of two rollers. Half-oblate arc chutes are uniform distributed on the surface of two rollers. Under the driving of a couple of gears, the two rollers rotate inversely with constant speed. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compact or sheet and fall into the grinding & classifying system. Products that meet requirements will be collected from the discharging port and the rest will return back to the hopper through recycle system. 

Advantages of Double Roller Granulator 

1.Adopting increased shafts output dedicated reduce and drum gear shaft coupling effectively protects the rolls and the main bearing from damage, increase the driving efficiency and further improving the production of products. One roller’s bearing seat is fixed and the other roller’s bearing seat is sliding.

2.In the surface of the roller, many holes are arrayed. According to the different compression rate of the materials, choose the trough of one roller aiming at the trough of another roller, or peak to trough. Two rollers are arranged in horizon.

3.With the supporting pressure of hydraulic cylinder, they are close to each other and the hydraulic system can has the multiple and automatic protection function. The optimized hydraulic system makes the motion flexibility of dynamic rollers stronger and be able to reject the iron lumps mixed in unexpectedly and protect the equipment to run safely.

4.Roller pulling with roller removal device, it’s more easily and quickly for you to change the rollers, and save your costs of changing.

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