Indonesian Customer's Seaweed Dryer Pre-shipment Inspection

- Jan 19, 2019 -

After nearly three months hard works by KODI production department, we have completed the whole production of seaweed dryer for our Indonesian customers. Our customer mainly produces food grade Carrageenan. Last week, they finished the pre-shipment inspection at our factory and they are also very satisfied with the quality of our seaweed belt dryer.


Indonesia had become the world's leading source of tropical carrageenan seaweeds but there was a shortage of world-class manufacturing capacity able to serve world markets. Consequently, most Indonesian seaweed is exported as raw material for processing in other countries.

So, our customer purchased the new modern manufacturing seaweed processing machine from KODI company, including seaweed drying machine, seaweed coarse grinder, seaweed powder vibrating sifter etc. and they capitalizing on Indonesia's seaweed comparative advantage to supply pure, cost-effective carrageenan building block products made in world-class manufacturing facilities.




KODI company can provide a whole set of seaweed production line production and has rich experience, including drying, grinding, mixing and packaging. And successfully exported lots of seaweed process machines to the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries rich in seaweed.



If you would like to know more product details, please contact KODI Machinery.   

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