LPG-50 Model Spray Dryer Installed Sucessfully In Mexico.

- May 04, 2018 -

In April, KODI technical team went to our Mexican client's factory for their spray dryer installaiton and test. Now the LPG-50 spray dryer for stevia powder was installed and running succesfully in Mexico. And won high praise from our customers.

As a new sweetener, stevioside can be widely used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, easy to dissolve in water and ethanol, when mixed with sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose and so on, the sugar taste is more pure. Sweetness can get multiplying effect, its hygroscopicity is not big, heat resistance is poor.

The production line has the advantages of high efficiency and environmental protection, and conforms to the requirements of GMP specification.

The production line unit for open circulation, parallel flow, centrifugal atomization, micro negative pressure operation. The air in dry medium is prefiltered by intermediate air filter, absorbed by blower, purified by sub-high efficiency air filter to 100000 grade, then heated by steam heater and electric compensator to form hot air at the required temperature. Enter the main drying tower in a regular spiral through the hot air distributor. The liquid material passes through the screw pump into the high-speed rotating centrifugal nozzle, and is dispersed into small droplets, heat exchanged with the hot air to become a product. At the bottom of the main tower, the gas medium is extracted by the induced fan, then filtered by the water film dust collector. There is no dust in the air. The material collection system of the unit not only guarantees the material to leave the high temperature area instantly to avoid softening and get cooling, but also avoids the phenomenon of material moisture absorption in the high humidity environment.

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