Main Features Of Spray Dryer In Pharmaceutical Industry

- Jul 23, 2018 -

1, Generally speaking, spray dryer in pharmaceutical industry are mostly used for drying extractum products. The initial conditions of the products are slightly viscous solution. Solid content of feed liquid is usually about 15%~40% (proportion is 1.06~1.15) because of different hygroscopicity. Final moisture of powder:<=3%; Product particle size: it can pass through 180 mesh sieve; Product yield:>=95%


2, Because the raw materials of the extractum products are so viscous, it is important to control the difficulty in the spray drying process, so as to achieve no counter-top and no hanging wall.


3, It would be better to use refrigeration dehumidifying centralized charging system to prevent the material getting damp and agglomerating, which has the function of receiving the material continuously from the barrel and the plastic bag. All material pipes and corners should be shaped in one piece. The temperature of the products shouldn’t be higher than 40and the recovery rate should be higher than 97%.


4, The discharge system adopts two-stage cyclone discharge. The first stage of cyclone is equipped with vortex valve to continuously discharge the material and deliver the material to the purification area by cold air.


5, The feeding system of the spray drying machine for pharmaceutical use should be equipped with the online heating of the feed liquid and heat preservation transportation facilities. The feeding pump adopts the sanitary peristatic pump, which can adjust and show its speed.


6, In order to solve the problem of poor material fluidity and easy accumulation in the cone and other parts, an pneumatic hammer percussion device is designed. The percussion frequency of each pneumatic hammer can be adjusted. The tower body is equipped with cold air cooling jacket.


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