Refrigerated Air Dryer Working Principle

- Nov 28, 2015 -

Humidity are high compressed air into the front-mounted cooler (heat-only) after heat flow heat exchangers heat exchange with the air discharged from the evaporator, compressed air entering the evaporator temperature is lowered. For hot Hou of compression air into evaporator through evaporator of for hot function and refrigeration agent hot Exchange, compression air in the of heat was refrigeration agent away, compression air quickly cooling, wet air in the of water reached saturated temperature quickly condensation, condensation Hou of water by condensed Hou formed drops, after unique gas water separation device high-speed rotating, water for centrifugal force of role and air separation, separation Hou water from automatically drainage valve at discharge. The cooling air pressure dew point minimum up to 2 degrees centigrade.
Cooling Hou of cold air flows through air hot Exchange and entrance of high temperature wet hot air for hot Exchange, by hot exchange of cold air for absorption has entrance air of heat upgrade has temperature, while compression air also after frozen system of II times condensation device (peer unique of design) and high temperature of cold media again hot Exchange makes export of temperature get full of heating, ensure export air pipeline not knot dew. While making full use of the outlet air cooling, condensation effect ensures the machine refrigeration system, ensure the machine outlet air quality

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