Serbian Customer FZG-15 Vacuum Drying Oven Complete Production

- Jul 31, 2018 -

After the laborious production of workers in hot July, the FZG-15 model vacuum drying oven which was purchased by our Serbian customer has been finished production. Yesterday we finished the assembly and inspection of the vacuum dryer before leaving the factory. We will send it to Serbia as soon as possible.




Features of Vacuum Tray Dryer

1.  It can get higher drying capacity at lower temperature and the heat energy can be used fully.

2.  It is suitable for materials such as heat sensitive and easy oxidizable material.

3.  It can dry raw materials that contain solvent and which needs to be recovered.

4. Before drying, it can carry out disinfectant treatment. During the period of drying, any impurity can not enter it.

5. The dryer belongs to static drying, materials will not be damaged.

6. The machine is a kind of batch type operation and can adjust technical process at any time.

7. The inner top is designed arch structure, it can effectively avoid the condensed water drop back.

8. Vacuumize from 4 points to one point, can guarantee uniform drying.


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