Singapore Customer WF-30B Model Universal Pulverizer Has Been Complete Production

- May 09, 2018 -

KODI company have finished production of WF-30B universal grinder and have finished delivery yesterday. Our customers are mainly used for grinding the testing of all kinds of materials:

Universal pulverizer uses the relative movement between the active of fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc to impact, grind and crush the target materials. The crushed material can enter the collection box by the centrifugal force. The dust from grinding is filtered and recycled via the cloth bag or filter of the dust absorption box. The whole machine, designed according to "GMP" standard, is made of stainless steel, thus to avoid dust flying, improve the utilization of raw material and decrease the production cost. Currently, the universal grinder machine has been on the world advanced level.

Features of universal crusher

(1) Universal grinding machine has a simple structure design for long lasting, stable, low noise, high performance and easy maintenance.

(2) The fixed and movable knives revolve in a high speed in the chamber.

(3) Materials will then flow out from the bottom exit. The fineness is adjustable by adopting various sift.

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