Small Tips On How To Clean The Centrifugal Spray Drying Tower

- May 22, 2018 -

The cleaning method is manual cleaning. The tower is set up with 1 observation door. The components needed to be disassembled for cleaning should be equipped with quick installed interface (two stage cyclone separator and fast connection of air pipes) to ensure that there is no dead angle.

The equipment should be designed to achieve rounded corners, minimum gaps and smooth complete weld to ensure no dead ends. The bolts and nuts that are exposed to the outside of the equipment must be hats or stamped.

The surface and interior of the equipment are easy to clean, and there is no clean corner. All materials on the machine must conform to the GMP specification and can be cleaned.

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All seals used for sealing should be easy to replace and reinstall. All non pharmaceutical contact surfaces should be sub gloss. Gaskets, seals and O rings are made from food grade polymeric materials.

The material of all parts of the equipment can tolerate the cleaning agent that meets the requirements of GMP, clear and tolerate ozone and alcohol disinfection. No corrosion and rust can occur.

The air sweeping device should be easily dismantled, and it should be easy to clean without cleaning dead ends.

The equipment cable and auxiliary pipeline are equipped with clean pipe jackets.

The material and structural design of the equipment, accessories and connection pipes must be easy to disassemble and clean. The exposed surface must be smooth and free of cracks for cleaning.

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