South Africa Customer GFS-400 Model Spice Pulverizer Has Been Shipped

- Apr 18, 2018 -

This week, KODI company have finished the GFS-400 model spice grinder production and delivery for our South Africa customer who are mainly used in the grinding of black pepper powder, red chilli powder and other type spice powder. The photos of spice pulverizer packing & delivery as below:

Regarding KODI GFS series red pepper grinder, all parts contacting materials are made of stainless steel, which is anti-acid and anti-corrosive, so that the machine is according with sanitary standard. The red pepper pulverizer has the features of stable running, easy moving, low noise, high grinding efficiency, and low consumption of power.

KODI GFS series chilli pulverizer is a high speed running machine. The raw materials are crushed by shearing of high speed knives, which are sharp knives on one side and impacting knives on the other side. We have equipped with various knives for you to choose. The different fineness of powder can be achieved by changing the different sieves or adjusting the speed. Our chilli grinder has been recognized by many customers.

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