Special Drying Machine For Chinese Herbal Pieces---Belt Dryer

- Nov 19, 2018 -

The drying way of Chinese herbal slices is directly related to the quality of prepared slices. In the past, using solar room drying not only met certificate requirements but also reduced costs. However, now a few enterprises’ design of solar room is not reasonable. First of all, the area is small, which cannot satisfy production requirement. Second, the facilities of the solar room are not perfect. It only has dustproof function. And it doesn’t have matching ventilation, dehumidification device, floor rack and so on. So the drying speed is slow.

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According to the characteristics of Chinese herbal slices, KODI company has designed a belt dryer that conforms to the nature of Chinese herbal slices or other similar material. Using the belt conveyor dryer to dry Chinese herbal slices is not affected by the climate and more sanitary than natural drying. It can also shorten the drying time and be produced in quantities.

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Equipment Description:

Conveyor dryer consists of feeding system, inlet air filtration system, heating and cooling system, main engine, transmission system, discharging system, exhaust air and humidity system, control system, etc.

Conveyor dryer水印版

Features of Equipment:

1, The temperature of inlet hot air is controlled by the ratio control valve, so as to control the temperature of inlet air within the setting range.

2, The speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which ensures the retention time of the material and the quality of output.

3, Frequency conversion of transmission motor, stirring motor and dehumidifying fan can be adjusted.

4, The bottom of the bottom net of apron dryer machine is made into inclined surface for material collection and cleaning.

5, Both sides of each unit are equipped with cleaning access door, which can directly flush the equipment inside.

6, The ultrasonic level detector is set on the hopper with stirring to ensure reasonable level of material, and the linkage with the forepart conveyor line makes the production line more smoothly.

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