Sri Lanka Customer LPG-5 Model Spray Dryer Has Been Shipped

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Last week, KODI company have finished the lab spray dryer production and delivery for our Sri Lanka customer. Our Customer is a distributor that all kind of scales for manufacturing, laboratory and food industry in Sri Lanka. Because of the good quality of our spray dryer and the perfect after-sales service system, the customer has already purchased the LPG-5 spray dryer from KODI company many times and we have established good cooperative relations with each other.

Please see photos of LPG-5 spray dryer packing & delivery as below:




Spray drier is suited to produce powder or granule from solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and pumped paste liquid. Our LPG-5 pilot scale spray dryer is suitable for laboratory use or small-scale production requirements. Due to KODI pilot spray dryer is widely applicable for foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, such as egg powder, amino acid product, protein, blood, food flavor, food ingredients, gum and acacia etc. 


As KODI spray drying machine production sophisticated and technology advanced, so has gotten the favorable comments of the masses of customers.  Our spray dryer has also received CE certification and in line with GMP standards, have been succeeded in selling around the world.

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