Temperature Difference Adjustment In The Drying Oven

- Dec 17, 2018 -

The basic principle of hot air circulation drying oven is to use steam or electricity as thermal energy, transfer convection heat by fan to transfer heat of materials, and constantly supplement fresh air and exhaust moist air.Drying oven can maintain the appropriate relative temperature and humidity when dry something, its biggest characteristic is that most of the hot air circulates in the chamber, thus enhancing the heat transfer and mass transfer and saving energy. It is widely used in heating and dehumidification of raw materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light and heavy industry.


So how to adjust the temperature difference in the drying oven?

Drying tray with hole 1

Temperature measuring point is placed on the upper, middle and lower positions of the hot air oven. The temperature measuring point is placed at 200 below the top plate and 200 above the bottom plate. And the middle one is at the center. Close the drying door, open the steam valve and start the fan for heating cycle. After about 30 minutes, take out the thermometer and observe whether the middle, upper and lower readings are within the allowable range. If the temperature difference is large, the blade Angle corresponding to the high temperature position should be relatively smaller. On the contrary, the lower the temperature, the higher the blade Angle, until the temperature difference is basically the same. If it doesn’t produce fluctuant shift, it need not be adjusted again.

Drying oven inside for reference

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