Thailand Customer LPG-5 Model Spray Dryer Has Been Shipped

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Our Thailand customer is specializing in producing & researching all kind of Liquid into powder in food industry. They purchased a new lab spray dryer from KODI company in the January of 2017 and now we have finished the production and has been shipped successfully. The photos of LPG-5 spray dryer packing & delivery as below:

Lab scale spray dryer is a wide applied process in liquid process shaping and drying industry. Particularly mini spray dryer is suitable for producing powder, granule or block solid product from solution, emulsion, suspending liquid and pumped paste liquid.

KODI pilot spray dryer is widely used in foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, such as egg powder, amino acid product, protein, blood, food flavor, food ingredients, pectin, spirulina, herbal extraction, pigment, cocoa, mushroom, PAC, malt dextrin, collagen, juice, yeast, coffee, creamer, coconut, milk, gelatin, gum and acacia etc. So our LPG-5 pilot scale spray dryer is suitable for laboratory use or small-scale production requirements.

KODI lab spray drying machine has excellent production and advanced technology, has won the praise of many of our customers. Our lab spray drier has also obtained CE certification and in line with GMP standards, also have been successfully sold all over the world.

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