The Development Tendency Of Centrifugal Spray Dryer

- Oct 15, 2018 -

Nowadays, the spray drying industry has had a certain number of enterprises and an extent production scale, main production enterprises of which include pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery and so on. However, enterprises also need absorb foreign advanced technology and innovation to improve product quality. According to the requirement of high quality, low consumption and environmental protection, do research and adjust product structure to satisfy production demand.


During recent years, the development tendency of centrifugal spray dryer has several following trends:

1, The comprehensive application of several heat transfer forms enables them to give play to the advantages of various heat transfer forms at different stages of spray drying and makes the equipment more reasonable.

2, Large scale development of equipment: any production has the best economic scale. The amplification technology of spray drying machine can guarantee the realization of large-scale production. As a result, large-scale research is one of development trends.

3, Specialization of spray drying equipment: as we all known, spray drying equipment is non-standard equipment. Targeted spray drying equipment is able to better play its role because material properties and product equipment vary greatly.


4, Development of multi-stage and combined spray drying system: different types of spray drying can be applied to different materials or different spray drying stages of materials. Combined spray dryer is capable of optimizing spray drying process to the maximum extent and make the spray drying system more reasonable.

5, Multi-function of spray drying equipment: the current spray drying machine is not only limited to spray drying operations, and sometimes the crushing, grading, even heating reaction is set in one machine, which greatly shortens the production process and makes the equipment appear multi-function.

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