The Future Development Of The Dryer

- May 15, 2018 -

The future development of the dryer will make a thorough study of the drying mechanism and the drying characteristics of the material. Under the optimal operating conditions of different materials, the dryer will be developed and improved.In addition, large scale, high intensity, high economy, as well as improving adaptability to raw materials and product quality are the basic trend of dryer development.At the same time, we will further research and develop new high efficiency and special drying machines, such as combined dryer, microwave dryer and far-infrared dryer.


The development of the drying machine should also pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy saving and energy, such as the use of various combined heating methods, heat pump and heat pipe transplantation, and the development of solar dryer.It is necessary to develop automatic control technology for drying machines to ensure the realization of optimal operation conditions.In addition, with the attention to environmental protection, improving the environmental protection measures of the dryer to reduce the leakage of dust and waste gas will also be the direction of further research.The current situation of the Chinese drier equipment market and the analysis of the current needs of the United Nations, the conventional drying equipment in the domestic market and the main drying equipment in the international market are basically made in China, which shows that the history of the import of dry equipment in China has ended. However,there are still some problems and difficulties. According to the general machinery drying equipment industry association of China, China's demand in the next few years will be about 3000 of the drying equipment, and the annual demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach about 3000 (sets); agriculture, forestry, grain, light industry and other industries, such as drying equipment, will be required annually. The demand is expected to reach about 5000 (set).At present, the share of drying equipment in the domestic market has reached more than 80%.

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