The Influencing Factors Of Drying Effect Of Drying Machine

- Jun 05, 2018 -

In recent years, natural drying is far from meeting the needs of people, so drying machines are widely used. drying machine is a very good drying equipment. When the dryer is used to dry, when the particles can not be completely dried, we need to find out the reasons.

The factors that affect the drying effect are usually the following:

        1.Dew point: In the drying machine, the wet air is removed first, so that it contains very low residual moisture (dew point). Then, the relative humidity is reduced by heating the air. At this point, the steam pressure of dry air is low. By heating, the water molecules inside the particles get rid of the binding force and diffuse to the air around the particles. Dew point reading can help find some problems, so the dew point value of dry air in the whole drying process should be monitored.

        2.Drying temperature: Heat is the key to the resultant force between water molecules and hygroscopic polymers. When the temperature is higher than a certain temperature, the attraction between the water molecule and the polymer chain will be greatly reduced, and the water vapor will be taken away by the dry air. 

        3.Time: Resin suppliers should specify the time required for effective drying of a material at suitable temperature and dew point. Because the absorption of heat and the diffusion of water molecules onto the surface of particles in the air around the particles require a certain time.

        4.Airflow: The dry hot air passes heat to the particles in the drying bin, removes the moisture on the surface of the particles, and sends the moisture back to the dryer. Therefore, there must be enough airflow to heat the resin to the drying temperature and maintain the temperature for a certain time.

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