The Method For Stabilizing The Exhaust Air Temperature Of Spray Dryer

- Jun 14, 2018 -

During the spray drying process, when the water / material is switched, the exhaust temperature is stabilized and the product quality is stabilized by changing the speed of the feed pump. In the process of production, the high exhaust air temperature of the spray drying tower will make the material color and lustre darkened, and the material will change color and even denaturalization when it is serious. This phenomenon is more common in the process of powder production.

In the spray drying operation, the exhaust temperature is related to the moisture content of the product and should be determined according to the moisture allowed by the product. The higher the hot-air temperature, the higher the thermal efficiency, the better the economy. However, too high hot air temperature will result in poor quality of products, so hot air temperature must be appropriately improved under the premise of ensuring product quality.

In practice, the introduction of program control frequency conversion feeding method can stabilize the exhaust temperature and reduce waste. For spray drying, the product quality is usually determined by the exhaust temperature. The inlet temperature of the hot air will directly affect the evaporation intensity of the drying chamber. For non-thermal sensitive materials, high temperature hot air should be used as far as possible to increase evaporation intensity.

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