The Obvious Advantages Of Spray Drying Technology

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Spray drying technology is widely applied and it has obvious advantages. But its theory still falls behind the practice especially in the poor practical guidance of drying theory. Drying dynamics, drying simulation of non-spherical particles and spray drying field need to be further studied.


The development trend of spray dryer in the future:

1, Adopt combined drying

When spray dryer itself can’t finish drying task, combined drying can be adopted, like spray dryer plus fluidized bed (drying and cooling), spray drying plus belt drying and so on.


2, Improvement of atomizer

When it is difficult to atomize some kind of material, we can improve the structure of original atomizer to adjust the atomizing requirements of new material.


3, Research and development of electrostatic atomization


4, Research and improve online measuring system


5, Research superheated steam spray drying system


6, Taking advantage of the method to calculating hydromechanics to solve the design problem of spray drying machine.


7, Developing specialized spray drier to meet the needs of special material.


8, Control environmental pollution.

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