Ukraine Customers Purchased ZLPG-25 Model Herb Extract Spray Dryer

- Feb 15, 2018 -

After more than one month of technical design and data preparation, our company has signed a sales contract with Ukraine customer. The customer purchased ZLPG-25 herb extract spray dryer and related equipment for drying plant extract.

Herbal extract is extracted from plant roots, stems and leaves, with a higher sugar content than other materials. Ordinary centrifugal sprayers can no longer meet the drying requirements of such products. In view of this situation, our company has summed up the successful experience in designing and manufacturing herbal extract spray dryer over the past years, and has collected the advantages of the same type of products in the same industry at home and abroad, after precise, repeated technological calculations and numerous experiments, the special extract spray drying machine group of Chinese traditional medicine extract was developed.

 spray dryer.jpg

ZLPG plant extract spray dryer group, as our company's continuous research and development of the advantages of technology equipment, has been several technical upgrades in the industry, is our company's proud products, Is also a deep user recognition of the product. Welcome to new and old friends to my company for advice!

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