ZLPG-25 Model Spray Dryer Installed Sucessfully In Ukraine

- Oct 28, 2018 -

Early October, KODI technical team went to our Ukraine client's factory for their spray dryer installaiton. After 2 weeks of hard works, today the ZLPG-25 model spray dryer for plant extract powder was installed and running succesfully in Ukraine. Our cusotmer are very happy and excited with good result. 

Herbal extract is refined from root, stem and leaves of plants, and contains high sugar especially from alcoholization process, which is easy melted at high temperature. Normal centrifugal spraying can not meet its drying requirements. For that reason, KODI company organized a group of technicians to develop such a dryer especially used for herbal extract after repeated calculations and countless tests on the basis of our experience to make spraying dryer and collect advantages of same kind of dryers from both domestic and abroad.

Extract spray dryer 1

Extract spray dryer 2

Extract spray dryer 3

Extract spray dryer 4

Features of ZLPG spray dryer:

1.There is a cool air jacket inside the tower

2.The tower body is equipped with automatic vibrating device

3.The tower and pipe are equipped with open cleaning holes and drainage holes

4.Automatic constant temperature feeding tank

5. The contact surface is made of stainless steel to ensure materials free of pollution.

6.Two-stage cyclone dust collecting equipment or one-stage cyclone dust collecting and wet dust collector are adopted for material collecting

7.The inlet temperature is automatically controlled

8.Air scavenging device is equipped

Extract spray dryer 5

Extract spray dryer 6

Extract spray dryer 7

Extract spray dryer 8

Extract spray dryer 9

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