ZLPG-25 Spray Dryer Was Successfully Shipped To Ukraine

- Jul 13, 2018 -

After months, ZLPG-25 model spray dryer for herb extract powder successfully completed production and also has been shipped successfully to Odessa port in Ukraine last week. 

ZLPG spray drier is specially used to solve the spray drying of traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extract. It has effectively solved many problems of traditional LPG high speed spray dryer in Chinese medicine extract drying, and the market feedback effect is especially good, and also reduce the consumption of human resources and effectively improve production efficiency at the same time


Our ZLPG-25 model spray drying equipment system description

Heating system: Electric heating

Product collecting system: two-stage cyclone separator + wet scrubber

Circulation system: Blower and Suction fan Open circle

Air filtration system: Primary, middle and High efficiency air filter

          Feeding system: peristaltic pump adjustable feeding

          Air sweeping system: high pressure air sweeping the inner shell of drying tower

          Control system: Digital display instrument display temperature, pressure, pressure difference, touch-screen animation display workflow, the parameters are set centrally, PLC fuzzy technology, automatic tracking control variables, parameters and so on.


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